Loop Rider is the newest project from the American musician and artist Carl Smith. When Loop Rider performs live he uses a drum machine, bass synthesizer, loop pedal, vocal FX processor, a harmonica, and a variety of guitar effects that can even allow a normal electric guitar to sound like an electronic element. The foundation of each track is played from the drum machine and bass synth but the vocals, harmonica, guitar, and loops are all done live each time. Smith often plays solo or sometimes with a drummer on a e-drum kit.

As far as the style is concerned... its a mash up of Dance, Indie, and Reggae. Think: Gorillas, The Rapture, The Police, Metronomy, Santo Gold, and then just throw some dirty Berlin electronic shit in there and you'll get the picture!

Hey kidz, if you want to make your own Loop Rider set up, all you need is:

Boss dr 5 drum machine
boss gt-8 guitar processor
boss rc 300 loop station
2x boss fx 6 switches
Akg ht45 perception Microphone
2x db techonologies l160 monitors
TC helicon voice live touch
a soundcraft notepad 124 fx

Plenty of electricity And a big F*+[%ing power strip!!!

Contact / Imprint:

Carl M. Smith
Kollwitzstrasse 64
10435 Berlin, Germany

Email: casadelcarlos@hotmail.com
Tel: (49) 15152515021

Rock on!

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